Written by Going Green NRG on October 1, 2017 in Dealerships LED

For car dealerships, high-quality lighting makes all the difference in impressing prospective buyers.

Whether it’s the first row of cars, the showroom or the service bays—the entire dealership needs to have high-quality lighting to set it apart from competitors.

Exterior lighting not only affects how the cars look, but also gives an outward impression of your business. By installing exterior LED fixtures, your car dealership will stand above the rest by enhancing the true colors day and night while providing significant energy savings.

According to Kelley Blue Book, 2014 car sales are expected to reach 16.3 million or 4.3 percent more than last year. As car dealerships anticipate more inventory this year, they should also consider upgrading their lighting to maximize sales with controllable, long life LED fixtures.

The choice to install LED lighting will not only increase sales, it will also:

  • Reduce maintenance expenses by eliminating the need to change lamps
  • Reduce energy consumption by lowering the wattage used per fixture
  • Allow control of the light beyond dusk to dawn

High-quality Lighting Improves Automobile Appeal and Sales

LEDs are versatile when it comes to making automobiles appear exactly how dealers want them for a distinctive appeal day and night.

More dealerships this year will trade in their old technology for the benefits of LEDs resulting in a more appealing lot, showroom and service center. Good lighting draws people in, enhances products and sparks the interest of prospective customers.

Lighting can affect the mood and environment where prospects are shopping to create a more welcoming environment for customers. This engages them to stay longer on lots or in showrooms.

By popularizing these spaces and service bays with LED lighting, customers feel welcome and are motivated to return. Productivity has also been proven to improve with LED lighting solutions because employees appreciate the quality of the light produced.

Dealership Owners Report Greater Energy Savings With LEDs

Car dealerships are choosing LEDs not only because they can make their automobiles look better, but also because it’s a smart investment.

LEDs last 10–25 years compared to conventional incandescent, metal halides and high-pressure sodium lamps. LEDs are also more effective than the standard technology because they emit the same amount of light but consume less energy.

By replacing less efficient incandescent with energy-efficient LED—especially for commercial outdoor lighting—owners cut energy costs in half.

These types of lights can be easily dimmed during the night with a lighting management system, making them an ideal energy saving solution for car dealerships.

For example, one car dealership in Ohio mentioned in Automotive News switched to LEDs, cutting their energy consumption from 20,000 watts to 3,000 watts by switching out a typical 60-watt incandescent lamp for a 10-watt LED lamp, according to NRDC.

For car dealerships that use hundreds of lamps, these savings really add up. While the price of LEDs make them more expensive initially than the standard technologies, your purchase of LED fixtures or lamps will pay for itself—not only from the energy savings—but also in improved sales.