In 2006 Danny and Donnie, the founders of Going Green NRG, were approached by a friend that wanted them to get in the green energy business. After some thought, they gave it a try. Their first project was the retrofitting of the cooler lights in a tiny convenience store in Encinitas, CA. They ended up losing about $1500 on that project. While most people would be discouraged, they were encouraged.  They looked at it as a positive, they just got an education in the energy efficient lighting business for only $1500.  Their next job brought them an opportunity to put what they learned to good use and this time they actually broke even!  The third job came as a referral for their hard work and dedication to customer service and there has been no turning back since.

Since then the business has grown from convenience stores and gas stations, to office complexes, retail shopping centers and national automotive chains.  In just a few short years, Going Green NRG was able to grow from a small Southern California based business to having multiple offices and national exposure.  To this day the same principles that they used to grow upon, continue to be the foundation of the company.  Thru slow, methodical and strategic growth, Going Green NRG is now truly a national leader in the energy efficient marketplace.

It’s been an exciting journey so far, one that has led them down a path they never thought they’d be on, but a journey they are excited to continue.  Stay tuned to see what comes next!


Our philosophy has always been and will continue to be that we do not just have customers, we create long standing relationships.  From the simplest of projects to the most complicated, our clients are treated with the same commitment, dedication and service.   We will never sacrifice quality and always give the best possible products in order to create the best solutions for their needs.  Our goal is to build our relationships from referrals and we will continue to evaluate ourselves by their satisfaction.


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