Going Green NRG is committed to utilizing innovative technologies to produce high-value, specification-grade LED, HID and fluorescent fixtures for all our internal lighting products sold. We sell only energy-efficient, high-performance indoor lighting solutions.


Going Green NRG uses LSI indoor lighting control solutions enable facility managers and building owners to effectively manage a wide range of applications, from a single room to an entire building or campus. LSI solutions enable users to achieve unprecedented and regulated energy savings, to attain better quality of lighting and to provide occupants – employees, customers, patients, students and more – with increased comfort to support better performance and productivity.

Wall Switch Sensors

LSI’s Wall Switch Sensors are available in a variety of sensor styles.  The wall switches are offered in Passive Infrared (PIR) or a combination of PIR and Ultrasonic (U/S) technology.  Manual-On/ Auto-Off is provided for CEC Title 20/24 energy code compliance. Click on a wall switch sensor to view its specification sheet.

Ceiling and Wall Mount Occupancy Sensors

LSI Ceiling and Wall Mount Occupancy Sensors are available in multiple sensor styles to meet your design needs. Sensors are offered in Passive Infrared (PIR) or a combination of PIR and Ultrasonic (U/S) technology. All ceiling and wall mount occupancy sensors operate on 24v DC and require the use of a power pack. Click on a ceiling or wall mount occupancy sensors to view its specification sheet.

Power Packs for Ceiling and Wall Sensors

LSI’s power packs deliver a wide range of switching solutions in a single unit. The power packs features robust and reliable mechanical latching relays and bi-level switching. The power packs meet energy code requirements. The power base adaptor provides increased versatility of LSI’s low-voltage ceiling mount occupancy sensors. Click on a power pack to view its specification sheet.

Dimmer Switches

LSI Switches are designed for both single pole and 3-way applications. Controls feature a smooth, captured slide bar for fine adjustment of lighting levels and an easy to use push button that provides preset ON/OFF switching. Color change kits available to complement the colors of the room. Click on a dimmer switch to view its specification sheet.

Relay Control Panels

Relay Control Panels deliver power and performance in compact and cost-effective 8-circuit and 16/24-circuit models. Relay Control Panels are the ideal solution for smaller, stand-alone applications that do not require the field configuation or advanced networking features. Click on a relay control panel or a component to view its specification sheet.

UL924 Emergency Lighting Control Relays

In the past, emergency lights were kept on 24 hours a day to meet life safety codes. Now, you can use a UL924 listed Emergency Power Control to convert regular light fixtures into approved emergency lights. These devices save energy and money while ensuring compliance with both life safety and energy codes. Click on an emergency control component to view its specification sheet.