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New for SCE Customers

New for SCE Customers - On-Bill Financing

Are you a current SCE customer? There is a great new financing program available - direct from SCE!

SCE's On-Bill Financing allows eligible SCE customers to make payments as part of a line item on their SCE bill. For qualified energy-efficient equipment, you’ll enjoy:

  1. 1 0% interest loans

  2. 2 No fees or loan costs

  3. 3 Convenient loan repayment through your monthly SCE bill

  4. 4 Financial incentives for installing qualifying energy-efficient equipment

  5. 5 Lower monthly electricity costs from the installation of your energy efficiency project

  6. 6 Long-term energy savings

We can help you with all the details. However, more information can also be found on the SCE website, here (note: this program is pending CPUC approval).

Southern California Edison has completed construction on the first phase of a major transmission project that will bring electricity generated by wind turbines in the Tehachapi area to the Los Angeles basin.


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