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What is going green?

The term GREEN evokes a broad range of sentiments among different people. To many, green means protecting and preserving what remains unpolluted in our world. To others it implies an environmental action plan that makes a difference.

Global Magnetic Induction lights impact mercury reduction with 3 different product features: 

1 )Less mercury per lamp than most commercial lamps
2) Solid amalgam mercury, less volatile than the liquid mercury found in most lamps
3) Long 100,000 hour lamp life compared with other commercial lamps


Carbon Footprint Reduction
Concerns over the use of fossil fuels and other sources of atmospheric carbon are reaching boardrooms across the World. Greenhouse gas effects on climate change will affect government policy as well as daily decisions facing business owners as we all look for ways to reduce energy requirements to save CO2 as well as lower costs. By calculating the carbon dioxide reduction based on electrical savings we would expect Global installations to save countless metric tons over the next 10 years.


Global lamps use less mercury than many other lamps. Generally we can expect up to 60 mg in Metal Halide lamps, over 50 mg in Mercury Vapor lamps and 15 mg or more in High Pressure Sodium lamps.

Amalgam Mercury Content in Global Lamps:

40 watt - 3.8 mg
80 watt - 5.8 mg
120 watt - 7.6 mg
200 watt - 11.16 mg

The Mercury in Global lamps is solid amalgam. The mercury found in other light products is a highly volatile liquid. During any onsite cleanup of broken lamps or disposal through recycling centers, a solid form is easier and safer to handle. Amalgam mercury is a more stable form of the element and is similar to a type used in modern dentistry for fillings.

Global Lights have a lamp life of 100,000 hours. This not only means less solid waste but it also means far less mercury in landfills. The chart below shows a typical reduction of 66,672 mg in mercury by replacing 154 T12 fluorescent lights with Global lamps.

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